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Avoiding the beaten path, independent artists Mayke Swemle and Machiel Haasbroek refuse to be bound by the borders between 2D and 3D presentation. By means of product placement in unusual settings, supported by strong visual backgrounds, their work results in magical-realistic scenes that catch the eye of every passerby.

With their respective backgrounds in photography and interior design, Swemle and Haasbroek constitute a rare but fine combination that has already proven successful. Their second project, the “flying saucers” creation, won the “Best Dutch Store Window Display Award 2012”.
In 2013 their eye-catching design was chosen to provide a striking Christmas touch to the facades of four Amsterdam offices of Beekwilder, one of Europe’s premier firms in the field of decoration, display and product presentation. In spring 2014 they where once more nominated for the „Best Dutch Store Window Display Award 2013”.

book: Carnivoria

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